My phone line has Caller ID withheld, what do I do?

Phone lines with caller ID withheld will not work with OpenTAP. If you are calling from a BT phone line then you need to add the prefix 1470. If your alarm is using another phone line company (not BT) then you will need to find out how to dial out with a Caller ID.

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What is the parity setting for modems using OpenTAP?

Some times for some reason with some customers modems and their software it will not work properly with the PARITY setting of NONE (NULL). Try changing the PARITY setting to TRUE (EVEN). This should resolve the issue, however, our system does support all formats. It seems to be a localized issue with some user’s computer-based […]

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How do I register to use OpenTAP SMS gateway?

Please follow the below carefully it is quite simple, but all mobile numbers which you want to receive text messages must be registered on our system otherwise messages cannot be sent. This is a spam and anti-fraud feature. You can register as many mobile numbers as you like, there are no limitations. 1. Input the […]

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Why isn’t OpenTAP working for me?

Please remember that to use OpenTAP messaging, you must first be registered with TAP Gateway and we must have all your text message forwarding numbers registered otherwise we won’t accept dial-up messages. For other technical reasons please contact your alarm engineer who installed your alarm system.  

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