How does TAP work?

Telocator Alphanumeric Protocol (TAP) is the industry-standard protocol for submitting text messages to cellular phones or alphanumeric pagers. The sender uses a TAP software client to send messages to the OpenTAP gateway using a dial-up modem and standard PSTN landline. Many mobile network and paging providers offer their own TAP gateways, unfortunately, many of them are often unreliable and unsupported by these carriers. Many carriers have either discontinued their support for TAP messaging or never plan on offering the service. Furthermore, since each carrier has their own TAP gateway, each with its own access number and settings, so managing these separate gateways can be a hassle.

OpenTAP is a reliable and fully-supported TAP gateway service that can be used to replace the cumbersome TAP service provided by your current carrier. Simply replace all of your different TAP client access numbers with a single TAP gateway access number. With OpenTAP gateway, you’ll have a single TAP access number, single protocol settings, and a single management interface to manage all of your mobile devices and message logs.

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