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Alarm System, TAP to SMS, Text Messaging, Text Message Notifications, TAP Gateway.

We are reminding you! Please update the access number in your alarm systems and other TAP compatible devices to UK 09018600011 (intl.+447640177177). The old numbers will be turned off on September 30th, 2020.

“The UK’s No.1 TAP  to SMS Messaging Gateway, recommended by TexecomHoneywell and Pyronix”.

TAP is the industry-standard protocol for sending text messages to mobile phones using a dialup modem and a standard PSTN phone line. The sender uses a TAP software client to send mobile text messages to our TAP gateway. 


Please note that OpenTAP will not be affected by the BT PSTN and ISDN phase-out!

Does your security alarm system, pager or other compatible device use TAP to SMS mobile text message alerts?

TAP Gateway has the solution for you! Our dial-up TAP to SMS mobile text messaging gateway is completely free of charge to use, you only pay for the call to the dial-up access phone line! All you have to do is register with us, its easy!

While your mobile carrier may not understand the importance of the need for TAP messaging in the area of security, IT network and industrial monitoring, TAP Gateway and our partners do!


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