OpenTAP access number changes

Due to the new Ofcom regulation changes effective immediately you are required to change the access number for OpenTAP

Due to legislation and regulation changes, Ofcom has decided that as of October 2019 all 070 Personal Numbers will be re-rated to the cost of a mobile call. Therefore we can no longer support OpenTAP on the current access numbers 07045607101 or 07011106620. You must, therefore, change your OpenTAP access number to the new access number 09018600011 (from intl. +447640177177) Calls cost £0.35p per call plus your network provider’s access charge. 

You have 12 months notice to change all your systems and devices which use OpenTAP over to the new access number 09018600011 (from intl. +447640177177)

Note: If you have trouble calling the new 09018600011 access number, you may need to contact you phone line provider to have them remove the block on premium numbers.

See Changes affecting 070 Personal Numbers

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us on +448081176736.