TAP to SMS Text Messaging Gateway

TAP to SMS Text Messaging Gateway for your home and business intruder security alarm system.

PSTN to VoIP/SIP Compliant. Just install a VoIP phone converter.

Recommended by TexecomHoneywell and Pyronix

How do I register to use the OpenTAP gateway?

  1. First of all, you need to register all mobile numbers which are to receive text message alerts with us by clicking on the big orange register online now button.
  2. Please log into your device which supports TAP gateway messaging. E.g Alarm systems, pagers, networking devices or other similar devices.
  3. Locate the TAP dial-up gateway messaging settings.
  4. Insert the following gateway access number within UK 09018600011 (intl.+447640177177).
  5. Make sure that the mobiles which messages are going to be sent to are input with international country code plus mobile number without any leading zeros eg. in the UK replace 07987654321 for 447987654321, otherwise, it will not work!
  6. Save settings!

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